How Fast Can You Gain Muscle

How fast you can build muscle depends on a lot of factors from your personal diet and workout routine to how much muscle you’re actually hoping to gain.

The quick answer is that it depends but typically a man can aim to add anywhere from 1-2 pounds of additional muscle a month and a woman can add a half a pound to a pound of muscle in a month.

Those are just average figures and someone can add more or less than that in the same time depending on how they’re working out and what they’re eating.

The important thing is to be realistic and not give into the hype that in a month you’re going to be ripped.

Building muscle should be seen as a long term goal, not something to achieve in a few weeks.

Having the correct mindset going in will keep you on track.

Building muscle successfully over time takes a lot of things into account like being disciplined with your nutrition, sticking to your work out plan, your age, your body type.

Be in it for the long haul.

You might want to consider working with a personal trainer, someone who has experience and can put you on a plan that will work for you.