How Long Does It Take To See Results From P90X?

In general, most people can expect to see results 3-4 weeks into the program, but of course, it’s going to depend on what your consider ‘results.’

For some people, losing weight is the result they’re looking for.

Other people might be looking to get into better shape and build muscle.

For others, seeing a change, as in losing inches is the result they’re looking for.

But in general, you’ll start to feel the benefits of the P90X program 3-4 weeks in.

You might notice that you have more energy.

You might see more muscle definition.

You might have lost a few pounds already.

Results will vary from person to person. Nutrition and diet will also be a factor in the speed with which you see results.

Stick with P90X. Like all workouts and diets, it’s about sustainable results and long-term thinking.

Even if results are slow to come, by week 6 you should start to see the benefits of doing the P90X program.